How to Build Generational Wealth as a Woman
Generational wealth protects families while creating more opportunities for learning and growth. Wealth-building...
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Seven Ways to Achieve the Perfect Work-Life Balance
Work-life balance is challenging to achieve when your routine is off-kilter. However, certain things...
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The Top 5 Financial Challenges Women Face and How to Overcome Them
Financial challenges for women might not look the same for men. However, fiscally responsible females...
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Frugal Living Is a Recipe for Success: How to Use the Best Ingredients
Frugal living is crucial, especially if you live paycheck to paycheck. There are many ways to stretch...
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A Beginner’s Guide to Personal Finance for Women
Personal finance for women empowers communities to gain economic independence through savvy money management....
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Know Your Worth - Women and Careers
SMS SUMMARY: Don’t let colleagues get you down. Know your worth at work and learn how to prove yourself...
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Ultimate Guide To Retirement Planning for Women
Planning for retirement is complicated for any gender. But, retirement planning for women is even more...
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How To Ask For A Raise As A Woman In A Man’s World
How to ask for a raise as a woman is a question that’s challenging to answer. That’s because several...
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How to Build Generational Wealth: Is it Possible?
Financial advice for women may still be an overlooked topic. But as we struggle to make sense of the...
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5 Tips to Achieve Financial Independence for Women
Financial independence for women is crucial. And because the future is female, modern women should take...
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Sibongile Ngako

Hi, I'm Sibongile!

I’m a corporate fintech and compliance executive helping to empower women and act as a financial advocate and advisor to all.